Up a Notch Consulting is a productivity consulting firm that specializes in decluttering all aspects of your personal and professional life to not only reach, but also maintain, your desired level of personal and professional satisfaction. Focusing on topics such as goals, frustrations, schedules, work teams, and processes, we provide a variety of coaching and training services to help you identify realistic and sustainable solutions to everyday obstacles.

Let us help you take control of your current situation with group and individual coaching sessions. It is time to look past the “shoulds” and “woulds”, the life-long guilt, the “dead weight” on your team and the elusive dream of a perfect life and face what is going on around you. These non-judgmental, goal focused sessions will help you identify where you are today, where you want to be in the future, and how you can realistically fill the gap between the two. Group and individual coaching sessions focus on, but are not limited to, the following topics.

  • Personal satisfaction at home and at work.
  • Professional growth and development.
  • Changing ineffective processes into effective ones.
  • Decluttering underperforming teams to maximize productivity.
  • Decluttering overwhelming schedules and focusing on what matters most.
  • Goal setting and action planning.
  • Developing management styles.
  • Presentations
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Personal and professional development is a critical step in developing and maintaining a strong work group. Let us help you step outside of the daily whirlwind and look at what is going on inside your organization. Is it time to set your performance goals and create your accountability systems for next year? Does your team need a reboot? Do your leaders need developing? Are your job expectations and accountability systems up to date?

Utilize any of the services listed below to simplify processes, improve performance and develop your teams.

  • Staff Workshops
  • Team Retreats
  • Professional Development
  • Team Building Events
  • Management Training
  • Conference Breakout Sessions
  • Association Meetings

Contact us to discuss project needs and pricing.

In 2017, after 6 years of growing the training, productivity consulting and decluttering services of Up a Notch Consulting, Meredith Garcia launched Declutter It All to separate her hands-on decluttering and space design services from her productivity consulting services. Declutter It All offers efficiency coaching, space re-design, and hands on decluttering services to help you reach your desired level of efficiency, personal satisfaction and comfort within your workspace.

All projects begin with a one-hour consultation in your workspace. The consultation is $100 and includes all of our ideas and recommendations for improvement. You can then go do the work yourself, or we can schedule a time to work together in the future to improve the space. Decluttering and reorganizing is $75/hour. 

Meredith Garcia is proud to partner with The Container Store as a Contained Home Organizer in Austin, Texas. As an independent representative of The Container Store, she is able to provide you with elfa and TCS Closets space designs as a part of your consultation fee, and you never have to leave the comfort of your own home. This white-glove service provides you with measuring services, space designs, and as many edits as necessary until you design your perfect space. She can process your order and manage the installation process for you too.

Visit Declutteritall.com and contact Meredith Garcia directly to schedule a consultation. Click here for more information on the Contained Home program.

Meredith Garcia, CPDT

MGarcia2013After nearly 20 years of leading, coaching and training in the public, private, and non-profit sectors Meredith Garcia founded Up a Notch Consulting, a personal and professional growth firm that specializes in decluttering lives to maximize efficiency, maintain personal satisfaction and achieve professional success.

Up a Notch Consulting uses Take Control Coaching sessions to help individuals identify realistic and sustainable solutions to everyday obstacles, as well as training sessions, team retreats and problem-solving workshops to simplify processes, improve performance and develop teams.  Mrs. Garcia offers efficiency coaching, space re-design, and hands on decluttering services to help her clients obtain desired levels of efficiency, personal satisfaction and comfort within their homes, offices, work groups and schedules.

Her experiences, beginning with the prestigious Walt Disney World College Program, led her to follow her passion to guide others toward achievement of their personal and professional goals. Mrs. Garcia is known for her high level of professionalism, dynamic public speaking skills, and a genuine yet direct approach to leading teams. Her warm, authentic and non-judgmental approach, make it easy to welcome her into your home and office.

After graduating from The University of Texas in Austin, she began her professional career traveling across the United States as the Customer Service Trainer for La Quinta Inns, Inc. Mrs. Garcia continued in the professional development industry as a Training Specialist for Harte-Hanks Response Management and as the Professional Development Manager for the Texas State Auditor’s Office. Before founding Up a Notch Consulting, Mrs. Garcia was the Executive Director of Texas Round-Up, Inc., a non-profit organization focused on improving the health of the citizens of the State of Texas.

Mrs. Garcia lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two sons. She is a Contained Home Organizer for The Container Store, a Certified Franklin Covey facilitator, a Certified Professional Development Trainer and a proud member of the Austin chapter of the National Speaker’s Association, American Society of Training and Development, and The Junior League of Austin.

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